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Training uniform and equipment

Introduction to the Equipment

Kendo equipment consists broadly of three parts and is often refered to as Dogu

The word “Dogu” means equipment (gu) for use in the way (do). Kendo-gu is also an acceptable term -the clothes, the armour and the weapons. All are traditional in form. Some modern materials are now available, although natural products are generally preferred.

The clothing is based loosely on traditional Japanese wear, the top being a kimono style jacket (gi) and the trousers a (hakama).

Today’s kendo armour is the result of improvements in the protection refined through more than two hundred years of development.

The weapons are basically unchanged, the bokuto being most commonly made of oak and the shinai of bamboo.
Below each item will be discussed in a little more detail.

Men – Head protector

Kote – Hand and forearm protector

Do – Chest protector

Tare – Hip protector

Tenugui – Head towel

Shinai – Bamboo sword

Keikogi – Kendo jacket

Hakama – Kendo trousers

Frequently asked Questions

supply of equipment

Need new equipment for your training?

Contact your club about preferred suppliers and what can be purchased through the club.